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The vPR serves our community by hosting worship and prayer meetings for believers to come seek the Lord, meditate on His Word and intercede for our world.



open from 3pm-6pm


open from 3pm-6pm


open from 3pm-6pm

live sets 2nd and 4th thursdays from 5pm-6pm

all prayer meetings are currently held in the venture church sanctuary unless scheduled elsewhere. They are open for anyone to come and go as needed. Visitors are welcome to engage with the room in corporate worship and intercession or simply come and sit, read the Bible and journal.

If you would like more information, or if you want to be trained to serve in the prayer room and join our volunteer staff as a worship leader, prayer leader, singer, musician, media tech or gatekeeper please contact us here.
Join us on the band app:
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monthly 24-hour prayer

Last Saturdays Beginning at 10 AM

weekly prayer watch

Come to the Church and Pray  (see prayer room schedule)

the mercy project

Help Meet Physical Needs in Our Community

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